Meet the Team

Natural Born Love Spreaders and Beauty Makers

Karen McNeil



Where would we be without this super special woman? Kerrie takes care of everything! She is Mode Salon's manager and we couldn't be luckier to have her. She is here to help with anything and she's always a team player. Kerrie joined us 6 years ago with numerous years of customer service and retail management. Kerrie has attended business classes to help grow her knowledge in the salon industry.  She enjoys the hustle and bustle of the salon. Her favorite part of her job is the interaction with her co-workers and the relationships she has been able to form with the clients here at the salon.     


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Maddie is a Master at her craft and making people feel comfortable in her space. You can trust her to listen and work her magic, making everyone feel good both inside and out. Her favorite part about being on this industry is the feeling she gives people once they see their finished look. Maddie has a way about making anyone feel safe and good when they are in her chair. She is a master at color formulation and foiling, and her up work is pure magic! 


Ashley enjoys creating and seeing the transformations that can be made for each individual. She is a master with her hair cutting and hair coloring skills. Ashley is extremely talented with her up work and makeup skills. She was born for this industry! 




Molly's favorite part of being in this industry is learning about each individuals wants and desires. She loves learning everyone's preferred, desired look or style. She is about to attend Empire to become a licensed esthetician and master her skills in makeup. She's a natural born makeup artist!


Kristen's favorite part of being in this industry is making people feel beautiful and confident about themselves inside and out. Her talents excel with her communication and consultation skills. Her technical specialties include a love for balayage, blow drying, and being a killer brow specialist



Danielle has been with Mode for almost a year as the front desk receptionist. She aspires to become a hairstylist and also specialize in the makeup artistry. Danielle is the warm, friendly smile that will great you when you check in for your services!!

Hi I'm Karen, founder of Mode Salon and Wellness!

I love hair and making people feel good! Creating shape and colors and big smiles on peoples faces I want to share what I've learned and spread the knowledge of the craft I love. I love to lift peoples spirits and make people feel good inside and out, being true to who they want to be. Be Yourself. 

Life can be tricky and there are many different modalities for healing and finding and living with inner peace and outer peace. I want to share these healing methods with you to improve your well-being inside and out! These methods include, meditation, art therapy, yoga, reiki, sound healing, love circles and much more! 

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